Whats happening to Flip?

You would have gotten a email from us by now telling you about all the changes happening at Flip, we know there are still a lot of questions that you might have, so we hope this article will help clear a few things up.

FAQ's about the changes happening

    • Sadly, the nature of these changes means we won’t be able to keep you as a customer, but we reckon you’ll really like this change – Slingshot is a well known telco and they have years of experience in the game with an NZ-based helpdesk.
    • In a nutshell, we will no longer offer copper broadband services and will be temporarily closing our doors while we get ready to launch the all-new Flip. Sadly, this means we won’t be able to keep you on as a Flip customer – moving you over to Slingshot means you’ll continue to get awesome service from a choice NZ-based telco.
    • Don’t worry, we’re not forcing you to take a Fibre plan. You’ll stay on the same broadband technology as you are now – you’ll just have the option to upgrade to Fibre with Slingshot later if you wanted to.
    • We’ll hate to see you go! If you believe that this change will be detrimental to you, you’re able to switch to another provider without penalty, even if you’re under contract with us. Flick us an email if you’re thinking about cancelling and we’ll make the process as smooth as possible for you..
    • Yes.
    • All Flip customers moving to Slingshot as part of this change will get unlimited broadband data on their plan for the same price as they pay today with Flip, eliminating the need for carryover data. Choice!
    • Our mates at Slingshot are here to get your move sorted with great broadband, great service and a special offer to welcome you aboard! Full details can be found here.


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