My Homeline is not working

We are sorry to hear that your homeline services aren't operating correctly. Let's get them up and running!

Generally with homeline concerns are classified into the following two categories:

Unable to receive calls

If you have a dial tone and can make calls although you are not able to receive them, the following checklist will help eliminate some of the most common causes of this problem.

1. Disable any call diversions

Check your Flip My Account for any call diversions and test again with this feature disabled.

2. Ensure handset is not muted

Check the ringer volume on your handset to ensure that it is not on mute.

3. Validate if you are experiencing this issue with only certain numbers or all incoming calls

  • If you are unable to receive all incoming calls, we next recommend completing an isolation test.
  • If you are not able to receive calls only from certain numbers, note down the concerned phone numbers, date and time of calls. Collect 3-5 examples and then contact our team with this information.

4. New customers unable to receive calls

If you have transferred your services to Flip from another provider and your homeline has stopped working since the completion of the transfer, we recommend getting in touch with our team. This is to ensure that your homeline has been correctly provisioned on your Flip account.

Unable to make calls

The inability to make phone calls can be caused by a variety of reasons. This checklist will help eliminate some of the most common causes.

Unable to make any calls (no dial tone)

If you have no dial tone, we recommend completing an Isolation Test as this might help resolve the problem you are experiencing.

Unable to call certain numbers

In cases where you are unable to call certain numbers, we recommend checking the following:

  • Are you attempting toll calls (calls that are not free to complete)? In this case, we recommend reading this article.
  • If the numbers you are calling are not toll calls, record the numbers, the date and time of calls, and what you experience when attempting to call the particular numbers. Collect 3-5 examples and contact our team.

Homeline Isolation Test

Isolation testing can help identify the possible cause for your homeline issue. Performing this test helps avoid potential Chorus technician call out charges where the fault is caused by your equipment.

We recommend performing this test and then contacting our team. This will significantly reduce your call time and provide us a better understanding of your fault.

1. Unplug all phones, modems, filters or any other devices from all jackpoints in your home. Some monitored home alarms may be automatically triggered if they're unplugged, so it might be a good idea to get in touch with your alarm provider first, to let them know what's going on.

2. Take your phone to a jackpoint in your home and plug it in. Test the phone directly plugged into your jackpoint without the use of a filter by making and receiving phone calls.

3. If your homeline issue is successfully resolved: this means that your other devices or equipment are the reason behind your loss of service. Plug your equipment back in piece by piece, checking the connection each time. When the problem returns you have discovered the faulty piece of equipment. 

If your homeline issue persists: the problem may lie with your jackpoint, phone cable or the phone handset itself. Try another phone cable and if that doesn’t work, try the other jackpoints in your home, testing the connection each time.

4. Lastly, we recommend running through steps 2 and 3 with another phone, to rule out your existing phone as being faulty. 

What should I do now?

If you find that you’ve performed all these steps, and you haven’t found a possible cause for your homeline issue, contact our team. We will complete some final checks before reporting a fault.


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