Internet is Slow and Speed Issues

We're sorry to hear that you are experiencing slower speeds with your Flip broadband connection. Let's get your internet services operating at their maximum capabilities. 

What kinds of Speeds should I experience? 

The answer to this question depends on a range of factors such as:

  • Distance from your local exchange
  • The number of devices utilizing your connection
  • The types of programs you are running
  • Your home internal wiring and equipment quality

The type of connection you are currently on also has a major impact on the speeds you experience. Please note that VDSL is only available to properties located up to 1200 metres from the local cabinet or exchange. 

ADSL: ADSL Broadband can achieve maximum speeds of up to 24Mbps download. Most customers generally experience 8-16Mbps. 

VDSL: VDSL Broadband can achieve speeds of up to 70Mbps download. Most customers generally experience 18-50Mbps. 

Identifying your Speed Issue

Before we can troubleshoot and resolve your speed related issues, we must go through the necessary steps to determine the exact kind of speed issue you are experiencing.

1. Plug an ethernet cable into the LAN port of your modem and the other end into the Ethernet port on your computer. Disable the Wi-Fi on your modem by pressing the WLAN/Wi-Fi button on your modem. Once the Wi-Fi/WLAN light on your modem goes off, you will know that the Wi-Fi has been disabled.

2. Disable all background programs running on your computer as well as all browser tabs. Open a single browser tab and run a speed test here. Test another ethernet cable and another computer if you experience lower than normal speed test results. Try browsing over ethernet as well. 

3. Turn the W-Fi service on your modem back on by pushing the WLAN/Wi-Fi key. Connect your computer/devices to your Wi-Fi network and run a speed test here

What kind of issue am I experiencing?

With the information from your testing, you will be better equipped to determine the kind of issue you are experiencing. 

  • If the speed test results over ethernet are lower than the expected range for your connection (as detailed above), we recommend completing an isolation test.
  • If the speed test results are excellent over ethernet and drop considerably over Wi-Fi, we recommend referring to the Wireless Support section of our help centre.
  • If you have discovered that your speed test results are normal for your connection and that you are still experiencing browsing issues, we recommend referring to the Browsing support section. 


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