First Payment Explained

When you sign up with Flip you are able to select your monthly broadband plan and any additional add-ons that you require. At the time of sign up, you are required to complete payment for services in advance as Flip provides a pre-pay service.

What does my sign up payment include?

Your sign up payment will consist of the following:

  • Plan charges month in advance
  • Connection fee ($25.00)
  • Modem cost (if you choose to purchase a Flip modem)
  • Any additional calling or broadband add-ons you include with your deal

When does my billing period begin?

Billing for your services commences once your internet connection is complete. This means that if you sign up on the 8th of a particular month and are connected on the 18th, your monthly billing period will begin on the 18th. You will also continue to receive invoices on the 18th of each month.


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