Early Bill Payment

Learn about the benefits of enabling early bill payment and whether this is something that you require. Please note that early bill payment is only available to customers with broadband and homeline services.

What is an early bill payment?

Early bill payment allows you to pay your forecasted bill before the actual bill generates. The early bill payment is composed of:

  • Your broadband and homeline plan
  • Any automatic monthly purchases (calling packs, phone features etc)
  • Your current account balance

Why enable early bill payment?

Flip provides pre-pay services to our consumers and thus an available credit is required to make toll calls or purchases. We do provide homeline customers with an IOU credit of $30 which allows you to make toll calls or purchases and you are able to pay this back at the end of your billing period. The IOU credit is only available once your monthly invoice payment has been paid successfully. Due to direct debit payments taking two business days to process, we recommend enabling early bill payment to ensure that you have an available credit at all times.

Early bill payment is most beneficial to consumers who often make toll calls on a per minute basis, as an available credit is required to make such calls. If you do not make toll calls often or utilize calling packs, early bill payment may not provide any other benefits other than your bill being paid early.


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