Safe Mode and Parental Control

Flip's Safe Mode is an innovative filtering service that protects your family from the undesirable corners of the internet. Best of all this service is completely free of cost and is available to all Flip internet users. You can enable or disable Safe Mode through the "Broadband" section of your Flip My Account.

Simple and Powerful

Safe Mode requires no additional software installations and there are no updates you need to maintain. This feature is kept up to date by our Networks team.

You can choose the level of protection that is sufficient for your requirements. Safe Mode has no impact on the speed of your Internet connection. This is because our system utilizes intelligent firewalls that are designed to ensure your Internet speed is unaffected. 

Levels of Protection

Safe Mode has three levels of protection. You can adjust the level of protection at anytime through your My Account and it does take up to 20 minutes for changes to reflect.

Safe Mode Level Description
Off No blocking or filtering whatsoever from Flip
Level 1

Blocks and filters the following material:

  • Adult and explicit content
  • Known to be infected or malicious sites
  • Illegal sites according to New Zealand law
Level 2 Level 2 includes all Level 1 filtering as well as Peer to Peer (P2P) technology blocking

Please note: Safe Mode is a best effort service and as such cannot guarantee that we block 100% of the above content, although we do our best to filter the vast majority of it. Safe Mode is a first line defense for intrusive content and is not designed to replace internet security or anti-virus softwares.

DNS Server Requirements for Safe Mode

When using Safe Mode your modem will be allocated our DNS server addresses.The Safe Mode is designed to operate when the Flip DNS Servers are configured on your devices or modem. If you are utilizing a Flip supplied modem, this page will provide you with information on updating the DNS server addresses. 

  • Primary DNS Server:
  • Secondary DNS Server:
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