Moving House: Move my Broadband

Moving house with Flip is simple and you can complete this through your My Account

How do I move house?

  1. Login to your My Account and click the 'Moving House' link at the bottom of the page.
  2. In the next screen, enter your new address and click "Check Address" to confirm the service availability for your new address. 
  3. You will then be presented with all the services that Flip is capable of supplying at your new address. Click the plan you wish to proceed with and complete the plan details section of the move form. 
  4. Confirm your details and choose your preferred installation date. 

How much notice should I provide?

We recommend submitting your move request at least 10 days before your actual move of home. Move of services normally take 5-10 working days to complete and we recommend providing as much notice as possible for a smooth transition. 

Does it cost to move house with Flip?

If you are currently a customer with Flip, standard move of services will be at no cost to you. Flip will cover standard installation charges for customer move of service requests. Please note that customers who are currently under contract will be required to renew their 12 month contract term. This is because Flip covers the move associated installation charges from Chorus. 

Can I keep my current phone number?

As long as you are within the same area, you can generally keep your current phone number. In the case that this is not possible, Flip will provide you with a new number. If you move out of your current area, we may need to change your number. We'll confirm this once we've arranged your move.

What type of installation will I require?

Here at Flip we offer two types of service installations and it is important that you select the correct installation type when submitting your move request.

Standard: If the home has previously had working internet services, this type of installation is normally sufficient. Standard installations are ideal if you have less than 5 active jackpoints in your home and don't have a monitored alarm. You will require a DSL line filter for every jackpoint in use. Standard Installations cost $25, although Flip will cover this charge if you are already an existing Flip customer and moving homes.

Full: This option is for internet consumers who have a monitored alarm, have 5 or more jackpoints in use or require a second service to be installed in a house that already has an existing broadband connection. Full line installations cost $327.44.

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