Do I need a Flip modem?

You can certainly use your own modem although we recommend you utilize a Flip modem for optimum service and support. Flip provides ADSL modems (Netcomm NB604N) for $70 including shipping and VDSL modems (Netcomm NF18) for $95 including shipping.

Our modems are set up ready to go, you will need to plug it into your jackpoint and power socket following the instructions manual included with your modem package. You can also view our helpful guide relating to modem setup (link guide).

We can only provide limited technical support if you bring your own modem. This is because our staff is only trained with Flip supplied modems. If you are using your own modem, you will need to configure it with the network settings we provide. Remember to ensure that your modem is compatible with the services (ADSL or VDSL) that you do sign up for with Flip. If you are unsure, refer to your modem manual or send our team an email at

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