Modem Internet Setup

Generally Flip customers are able to successfully authenticate on to our network by simply resetting their modems. In some cases, you may find that your modem requires manual setup.

When to complete manual modem setup?

If the 'Internet' light on your modem is red or off, and the 'DSL' light is solid, you will need to go through this setup. We have provided common modem setup guides below. 

Modem Setup Guides

Netcomm NF4V ADSL Setup

Netcomm NF4V VDSL Setup

Energy Imports VB204W VDSL Setup

TP-Link ADSL Modem Setup

Dynalink ADSL Modem Setup

Netcomm NB604N ADSL Setup

Huawei HG659 ADSL & VDSL Setup

If you do not see your modem in this list, we recommended consulting your modem manual or searching online for instructions on setup. 

Please send our team an email at, if you do not know your Flip Internet (PPP) username or password. 

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