Huawei (Spark) HG630b ADSL Connection Setup

To setup the Connection:

  • Connect modem to power.
  • Connect modem to DSL.
  • Connect modem to computer (i.e.: PC or laptop).

On your computer, launch your Web Browser (e.g.: Internet Explorer, Chrome or Firefox).

Step 1

Type into the address bar.

Try if .254 doesnt work).

Step 2

A popup will then ask for a Username and Password.

Username and password will both be 'admin'.

Step 3

Click Basic on the left.

Click Link Interface on the left.

Step 4

Ensure the ADSL tab is selected at the top.

Step 5

Check the following settings are correct.

VPI/VCI = 0/100
DSL Latency = Path0
DSL Link Type = PPPoA
Encapsulation Mode = VC Mux
Service Type = UBR without PCR

Step 6

Click Submit.

Step 7

Click Basic on the left.

Click WAN on the left.

Step 8


Step 9

Ensure the following settings are selected:

WAN connection = Ticked
Service list = Internet & TR069
Connection type = IP_Routed (PPP)
Authentication mode = PAP
Connection trigger = Alwayson
Username =
Password =
MRU = Auto
= Auto

For the Username and Password you will need to enter in your Flip details.

Your Username will look like ''.

If you are unsure of what your Username and Password is, send us an email to or call our Technical Support.

Step 10

Click Submit.

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    Evon Boghdady

    There is to TNZ_ADSL name there is only SPARK_ADSL name and when you try to add a new WAN connection called TNZ_ADSL you get an error message. Your instructions are incomplete.

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