Huawei (Vodafone) HG556a Wireless Setup

To setup the Wireless:

  • Connect modem to power
  • Connect modem to DSL
  • Connect modem to computer (i.e.: PC or laptop)

On your computer, launch your Web Browser (e.g.: Internet Explorer, Chrome or Firefox).

Step 1

Type into the address bar.

Step 2

A popup will then ask for a Username and Password.

Username and password will both be 'advanced'.

Click 'Log In'

Step 3

Click 'Wireless' on the left and then go to 'Basic' underneath it.

Step 4

Tick 'Enable Wireless'

Step 5

SSID is the wireless name that will show on your devices, this will allow you to locate and Identify your wireless.

Type in a wireless name where it says "SSID".

Do not enable the "Guest/Virtual Access Points"

Step 6

Click "Apply/Save"

Step 7

Click 'Wireless' on the left and then go to 'Security' underneath it.

Step 8

Disable "WSC"

Step 9

Type your wireless name where it says "Select SSID"

Step 10

Select Mixed WPA2 where it says "Network Authentication"

Step 11

Type a wireless password where it says "WPA Pre-Shared Key"

Your password needs to be 8 characters or more.

This will be used to connect your devices onto the wireless.

Step 12

Click "Apply/Save"

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