Huawei (Vodafone) HG556a Connection Setup

To setup the Connection:

  • Connect modem to power
  • Connect modem to DSL
  • Connect modem to computer (i.e.: PC or laptop)

On your computer, launch your Web Browser (e.g.: Internet Explorer, Chrome or Firefox).

Step 1

Type into the address bar.


Step 2

A popup will then ask for a Username and Password.

Username and password will both be 'advanced'.

Click 'Log In'


Step 3

From the menu on the left, select Advanced Setup.

The Wan interface selection screen appears.

Select ADSL Uplink and click Next


Step 4

The Wide Area Network (WAN) Setup screen appears.

Find the line with 0/100 and click Edit


Step 5

The ATM PVC Configuration screen appears

Check VPI is 0 and VCI is 100. Click Next.


Step 6

The Connection Type screen appears.

Select PPPoA and click Next


Step 7

The PPP Username and Password screen appears.

Enter your Flip Username and Password.

Your Username will look like ''.

If you are unsure of what your Username and Password is, send us an email to or call our Technical Support.

Then click 'Next'.


Step 8

The Enable WAN Service screen appears.

Select Enable WAN Service and click Next


Step 9

The WAN Setup - Summary screen appears.

Click Save

Step 10

You return to the Wide Area Network (WAN) Setup screen.

Click Save/Reboot



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