Making Automatic Payments

Flip offer the ability to set up a weekly, fortnightly or monthly automatic top up when you are using a debit/credit card as your default payment method 

To set up an Auto Top Up simply follow click here to jump to the Top Up tab in My Account, scroll down to the 'Auto Top Up' field and enter your desired; day of the week, frequency and the amount.





Why don’t we allow auto top-ups on direct debit?

As soon as you try and take money on direct debit you get in to issues around weekends, public holidays and delays with the 2 day lead time. Credit Cards and Debit Cards do not have this issue and can be processed immediately on any day. This keeps things a lot more simple.


What if  I select the 31st?

On a month where there is no 29th, 30th or 31st we will process your Auto Top-Up on the last day of the month.

For example, an Auto Top Up on the 31st of Jan will go out on the 28th of Feb (unless a leap year), the 31stof March, 30th of April etc.


What if the my bill is due on the same day?

The amount owing on the account will always be taken on the billing day. Regardless of your Auto Top Up.

For example, if an Auto Top-Up of $20 is due, but your bill is $50 – we will take the $50.

If an Auto Top-Up of $20 goes out on a Tuesday and your bill is $50 for Wednesday, we will take $30 on the Wednesday.

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