Flip removes Global Mode from September 1st

As you may know, Sky, Lightbox (Spark), TVNZ, and Mediaworks launched legal action against the Global Mode service earlier this year.

We have reached a settlement of that action and therefore on September 1st we will remove the Global Mode service from all of our Unlimited broadband connections.

Here is our official statement:

“CallPlus (including Slingshot, Orcon and Flip) and Bypass Network Services today announced the Global Mode service will be withdrawn in New Zealand on 1 September 2015.  The removal of Global Mode forms part of a settlement which sees Sky, TVNZ, Lightbox and MediaWorks drop the legal action against CallPlus and Bypass Network Services.  Further details of the settlement are confidential and will be the subject of a formal Court order.  As a term of settlement, the parties have agreed that they will not provide additional information about this matter.”



Below are some FAQs about the removal of the service.


Will there be any change to my bill?

No, Global mode was a free service and there will be no change in your monthly broadband price.


Does this mean my internet is going to be switched off?

No, Global Mode is a free service that allows access to sites usually blocked in NZ. Your internet will be continue to work just fine.


Will this impact my broadband performance?  

No, there will be no impact what so ever on your broadband performance.



If you have any more questions please email support@flip.co.nz

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