Our Flip broadband troubleshooting guide

Please note: this is for troubleshooting broadband + homeline problems only. If you have homeline only problems - please go here




There are several reasons that your Flip services can have problems over the life of your connection with us. While we do everything we can to keep them humming, sometimes problems can occur.


If you have a fault with your services we need to do a few checks to ensure that everything inside your house is working as expected before we ask our supplier to check the cables outside your house.

The reason we ask you to do these is because a false call out will be charged a No Fault Found Fee of $127.

Instead of waiting on hold, below are our basic broadband troubleshooting steps you can carry out whenever is convenient for you. Once completed, give us a call to raise the fault. All you have to do is confirm you have done them, and agree to the possibility of a No Fault Found Fee ($127).


For Speed Faults - please start with all of these tests then continue with more advanced testing here.

Frequent Disconnections - please start with all of these tests then call us to troubleshoot further.


1. Run all tests with your computer plugged in to your modem with the ethernet cable.

Removing wi-fi from the mix is important especially with speed or frequent disconnection faults. We do not support wi-fi connections as it is a function of the modem rather than our internet connection.

If you find you have wi-fi only problems, try changing the wi-fi channel within the modem settings.


2. Remove phones, Sky and filters from all jackpoints -leave only the modem plugged in with a single cable.

Line Filters are a leading cause of issues if they are old or damaged, especially frequent disconnections.

An isolation test removes all other devices from your jackpoints that could be causing issues. Leave the modem plugged in with only a single cable in your jackpoint.

If you find it is a filter that is the issue, you can buy a new one at most electronics shops.


3. Check the modem on all jackpoints in the house

Once you've checked that it's nothing in the jackpoints you need to check every jackpoint to ensure they are all having the same problems.

If you have a faulty jackpoint you will need to organise an electrician to fix or replace it.


4. Check the modem is working

Just like all electronics, modems wear out after years of use. The easiest way to test your modem is to use it on another internet connection, or test another modem on your connection.



Note: You will only be charged a No Fault Found Fee if you do not complete these steps and the reason for the fault is found to be within your home. All faults outside your house are covered by us.


If your connection still isn't working give us a call on 0800 60TECH (Mon - Sun 10-7) to organise a technician within 24 - 48 hours.




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