What is Safe Mode?

Flip’s Safe Mode is a feature that provides a simple and non-intrusive first line of defence for your home against the more unsavoury corners of the internet.

You can turn it on and off at the click on a button, and it’s completely free of charge. All from My Account.

There are three modes:

  • Off

No blocking whatsoever.

  • Level 1

Access blocked to the following:

-         R16+ Pornographic sites

-         Known hacked or infected sites

-         Illegal sites according to NZ law

Great for the average family home with children.

  • Level 2

-         Includes Level 1 blocking

-         Peer to Peer (P2P) technology blocked

If you’d like to also limit illegal downloading and have better control over your data usage.


While Safe Mode is very good, it is a best effort service and as such we do not guarantee 100% protection. It is not designed to replace software solutions like "Net Nanny" if you want in-depth control over your internet usage. We also recommend you always maintain up to data anti-virus software as Safe Mode is not a replacement.

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