How to protect against copyright infringement

Copyright infringement can occur in many ways, and if it occurs through your broadband connection it is ultimately your responsibility.

However, we understand that in some cases prevention can be difficult. So if you think you may be at risk, read below;

  • File Sharing Applications: A computer system in your household may have file sharing applications installed upon it. These applications have many uses, but they can be used to share material that is protected by copyright.

    We suggest that you check your computer for any programmes or applications that you are not familiar with.
  • Viruses or Trojans: Some computer viruses or trojans may take control of some functions of your computer and then use your computer for copyright infringement.

    We suggest that you install and use an antivirus programme to check your computer regularly for infections. 
  • Other Users: If you share your internet connection or computer system with other users, such as your family or co-workers, then these individuals may be using your connection to infringe copyrights.

    We suggest that you monitor the usage of your internet connection or home computer.
  • Unsecured Access: If you use a wireless modem, you may not have secured it to prevent others from using your internet connection. If copyright information is downloaded from your connection through an unsecured connection you may be held responsible as the owner of the broadband account.

    We suggest that you consult the user guide that came with your modem for further information on how to configure your wireless modem to prevent unauthorised access.

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