Copyright Law

The Copyright (Infringing File Sharing) Amendment Act 2011 came into effect on 1 September 2011.

What is the intent of the Copyright Act?

This law allows the owners of copyrighted material (rights owners) to enforce their rights against people who use file sharing applications to illegally download copyrighted material (content).

Flip respects the rights of all property owners to determine how and if they make their property available, however own main responsibility is to you, our customer.

An account owner should know that the law says:

  • Liability for alleged copyright infringement lies with the person who ‘owns’ the Internet account. If the account is in your name then the liability, according to the law, is with you, no matter who pays the bill or who used your account, whether with or without permission.
  • Rights owners can record the internet protocol (IP) address of who has downloaded their content and pass this on to the internet service provider, (such as Flip) which owns that IP address so that a notice can be sent.
  • All internet service providers (Internet Protocol Address Providers as defined in the Act), including Flip must action an infringement notice received from a rights owner, which may include sending you an infringement notice.

Please note:

We do not proactively monitor what you download using your Flip Internet connection. The new law does not change this, but it does require us to send ‘notices’ on behalf of the owners of copyright material.

If you are concerned we recommend you familiarise yourself with details of the regulation.  There is information on a number of website sites including the following:

Placing Copyright Infringement Notices

If you are a rights holder, please email to place a copyright infringement notice.

Please note there is a $25 credit card payment required for processing each notice. The notice will not be sent until payment is made.

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