One off charges

We've included a list of possible one off charges with the situations where you might be charged these.

These charges are passed directly from the line wholesaler Chorus to us and we pass this directly at no extra charge to you.

Charge Name


What’s it for?

Full Install


When your house doesn’t have an active broadband service that we are transferring to Flip, or has not had broadband recently, a Chorus technician may need to come to your home to install your service.

No Fault Found


If you have a fault we may need to send a Chorus technician to resolve it. If you have not correctly completed the troubleshooting with our technical team and fault is found to be inside your house (ie, a faulty modem or jack point) then you will be charged a fee for the technician to diagnose it.

Abortive end user site visit


When you place an order with us and we send it to Chorus they will charge us if we cancel the order before it is completed.

Restore Premises Wiring Fault


If your house has old or damaged wiring, a technician may be required to fix it in order to get services to work. We will only charge you this fee if the technician does work inside your house.

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