What are the Phone Features?

At Flip we offer the following phone features, and you can get all of these for $5/month: You can add these features via visiting the My Account section.


Voicemail is your own personal answering machine, and gives people the option of leaving a message if you are either on another call, not at home, or you simply you don't want to answer the phone. To get set up, simply dial *55 once you have activated it through My Account.

Call Waiting

Call Waiting will let you know when someone else is trying to call you while you are already on a call. You can switch between calls when you hear the beeps, depending on your phone simply use the # key, or "Flash" or "recall" to toggle between calls.. To set up Call Waiting just log into My Account.

Caller ID

So you want to know who is calling you before your answer the phone, well Caller ID lets you do that, as long as your phone will display numbers, if you are not sure check the specifications of your phone. To activate Caller ID just log into My Account.

Call Divert

If you are expecting a call but you won't be home, you can set up call forwarding to your mobile phone or to another landline, just remember when you forward a call to a chargeable destination, you will be charged for the call. To set up call divert just log into My Account.

Pin Code (FREE!) 

What's a Pin Code, well a pin code allows you to choose a 4 digit number that you must enter in before making a call, this way only people who know the pin code can make toll calls, a great way to keep your kids from using up all your available credit to call their friends mobiles. To activate the Pin Code, just log into My Account.


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