How do I set up my Thomson Modem for the first time?

To set up a Thomson (Telecom) modem you first need to be connected to the modem via a LAN/Ethernet cable.

Once you are connected via a cable to the modem -


  1. Open an internet browser, for example Internet Explorer or Google Chrome.
  2. Now type into the address bar and press enter – this should load a Thomson set up page.
  3. Now select ‘Broadband Connection’
  4. Once the Broadband Connection page loads you now need to select either ‘View More’ under the internet box OR ‘Internet Services’ if the ‘View More’ option is not available
  5. Now please enter your Flip username and password into the username and password fields and click ‘Connect’
  6. If you cannot see a username/password field then you may need to click ‘Disconnect’ before proceeding with step 5.


If you have any trouble with setting up your modem you can give our technical support team a call on 0800 60 8324, option 3. They are available 10am to 7pm, 7 days a week and we can help you set it up.


For instructions of how to set up Wi-Fi/Wireless for a Thomson modem please follow the link below





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