Why is my internet cutting out (disconnecting)?

First of all we want to make sure it is not just the wireless that is dropping off.

Try the ethernet cable and if it still disconnects with the hard connection then you can go through the troubleshooting below to determine whether a technician needs to go out and fix the connection.


Step 1

Please remove all devices that use a jack point in the house.

A jackpoint is the small box on the wall that the phone and modem plugs into.

Remove all filters and extension cables.

Step 2

Plug the modem directly into the jack point and wait to see if it disconnects.

Use a phone cable if needed to fit the modem directly into the jack point.

Step 3

If it still disconnects, try different jack points.

Step 4.

If it still disconnects, try a different modem.

We can log a standard fault with Chorus, and if there is an issue along the Chorus network they will fix it free of charge. However if the issue is on your premise instead, there is a charge for a false call out. The no fault found fee charged by Chorus technicians is $126.87

You're not on a contract with Flip so we don't cover internal wiring costs, however Chorus can check your internal wiring for an up front payment of $235.00 and repair it if they find a problem. If they find the fault is along the Chorus network however, they will fix it free of charge and we will refund you the $235.00

You also have the option to use your own local electrician to check internal wiring as this may work out cheaper for you (or contact the landlord if you are renting) however a local electrician may not refund you if there's no issue with the internal wiring.

Please give us a call on 0800 60 83 24 option 3 to log a fault.

If it is just the Wireless that is dropping:

WiFi is a function of the modem and not a service that you pay Flip for.

This is a signal which is built into the modem which allows you to connect to the modem wirelessly.

If you are wanting help with this you would need to contact the modem manufacturer (Netcomm, T P Link, D-Link, Netgear, Huawei, Thompson, etc).

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