How do I set up my Belkin Modem?

To set up your Belkin modem, follow the below steps, if you have any trouble simply call us on 0800 60 4357 between 10am to 7pm, 7 days a week and we can help you set it up.


Set up your modem by plugging the power supply to the power socket, and the cable from the modem to the filter, and lastly ensure you connect your computer/laptop to the modem via the Ethernet cable.



Some screens may appear different dependent on the model of your Belkin modem.

Then enter in the address bar and hit enter:



Click Log in and you should see the following page




Leave the password as blank and hit submit

Click on Internet WAN on the left hand side of the screen then Connection Type.


Select PPPoA then click Next

Then enter in your username which is your account number with at the end in box 1



Then enter the password you selected when you signed up into box 2

Retype it into box 3

VPI/VCI: Type in 0 in the first box and 100 in the second

Encapsulation: Select VC MUX

You can then leave everything else in boxes 6 – 9 as is and hit:  Apply Changes/Next


Your new settings will not be saved unless you click Apply Changes/Next

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