How do I set up my Netcomm Modem for the first time?

In most cases you should be able to connect to the internet for the first time by simply resetting your modem/router. But sometimes it may not work, so if you have a Netcomm Modem, follow these steps and you should be up and running:


Step 1

Open up your browser fresh (not a new tab)

 Type in in your browser



Step 2

Enter the default username and password for the modem. Usually it's below details.

Username: admin

Password: admin (this could also be the last 6 characters of MAC address found at the bottom of the modem in lowercase)



Step 3

 Once logged in click 'Basic setup' on the left of the page.




 Step 4

Enter you Flip username and password in the provided boxes that say 'PPP Username' and 'PPP Password'

Your username will look like ''.

If you are unsure of your password, send us a email to or give our Technical Support a call.


Step 5

Click 'Apply/Save'



To setup the wireless, please refer to the "Netcomm Wireless Guide" that can also be found in the Flip Support Centre.

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