How does Direct Debit work?

Direct Debit is a means for you to join Flip, top up and automatically pay your bills via your personal bank account.

There is no need to fill in a form and send it back, at Flip everything can be done online via My Account and our sign up form.

Signing up

At the end of the sign up form you'll be asked for your bank details. Once entered and you've agreed to join Flip, we'll setup your Direct Debit and take payment within 1-2 business days.

Topping up

When topping up via Direct Debit we'll give you up to $30 credit in advance of the funds being received - bank processing times are around 1-2 business days and you shouldn't have to wait to buy stuff.

As soon as the funds are received, we'll automatically pay back what ever you've spent of the credit in advance. You can also top up again at that point.

Paying your bill from Flip

When your bill comes out, we'll debit your bank account that evening so make sure you have funds available.

So there's no nasty surprises, we'll email a Bill Forecast one week before to give you an idea of what needs to be ready for payment.

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