Netcomm NF4V modem set up guide for ADSL service

Netcomm NF4V modem set up guide for ADSL service

Have a computer connected to the modem using an Ethernet cable as shown below






Next, open your browser (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Safari) and type in the address bar then press “enter” on your keyboard.





A box will ask you to log in with Username and Password. Use the details below


Username: admin

Password:  admin


Once logged in follow the steps stated to configure the modem.




  1. Click “Basic Setup”
  2. Select ADSL
  3. Click “ Next









  1. Select “PPP over ATM (PPPoA)
  2. Click Next








  1. Enter the Internet Username and password provided by FLIP.



       User ID:

       Password: Flip12345

     Then, VPI= 0 and VCI=100

  1. Finally, click “Finish” then try to access a website to test for Internet access




If still not working please call Netcomm Technical Support on 0800 653 962 to investigate further.


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